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Types of Appraisals
Why an Appraisal?


Welcome to the quilt appraisal web site!

An avid quilter and quilt historian, Deborah (Deb) Roberts has been appraising quilts for over 20 years and specializes in the appraisal of antique quilts, contemporary quilts, and innovative art quilts, as well as other textiles, including hooked rugs and antique samplers. Deborah has appraised for corporations, museums, and private collectors, on a national and international basis. She offers written appraisals for insurance, fair market and donation/estate values. Deborah is available to travel to any area to appraise, or as a speaker on appraisals and other quilt or textile related topics. To reach Deborah you may email her at

Deborah Roberts' Personal Statement

"Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a quilt owner to have a loss of, or damage to a quilt. When this occurs, it amazes me, that these wonderful creations, whether old family heirlooms, new innovative designs, or beautifully quilted garments, are not covered by insurance. Losses occur even in the most simple circumstances and rarely is there a way to recover from the loss of a treasured quilt unless it is insured. Even in the best of situations, insurance companies today settle for cost of materials only, unless the value can be substantiated with a written appraisal by a qualified quilt appraiser."

See Deborah's article, "Is Your Quilt Worth More than a Blanket"

Professional Quilter and Author Consultations:  On a contract basis, Deborah lends her skill to professional quilters and authors in assessing their work for value enhancement.  Please contact for further details.


Special Services & Complimentary Offer

Contacting an Appraiser

Deborah also provides the following services to Guilds, Groups, Museums and Historical Societies:

bulletClasses and Lectures on quilt/textile history and related subjects.
bulletQuilt Dating
bulletQuilt Appreciation and Appraisal Days
bulletCustom Classes for Groups or Guilds

AS a special service for quilt guilds or other show sponsoring organizations, Deborah has developed programs to meet the needs of quilt shows and their guests at NO CHARGE to the sponsor.  For more information, please contact her at



Contacting an Appraiser

Whatever the reason for the appraisal of a quilt or quilted garment you should always seek the best evaluation. An AQS certified professional provides each client with a consistent quality of work whether the piece is antique, contemporary or any other style. For a recommendation of a qualified appraiser in your area or to contact Deborah Roberts, please email her at


Favorite Quilts

PAAQT:  Professional Association of Appraisers - Quilted Textiles.

This is just the beginning of my favorite quilts photo album - I will be adding more as time permits - watch for my favorite fabrics which will also be added soon. PAAQT was established in 1993 as a regulating body for appraisers certified by the American Quilter's Society. Each PAAQT appraiser has been thoroughly tested on knowledge of fabrics, dates, construction techniques, the ability to recognize patterns and regional influences, and their awareness of values of antique as well as contemporary quilts and related textiles. PAAQT members are located throughout the United States, with members also residing in Canada and Germany.  

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